“The Invisible Band” is the third studio album by Scottish rock band Travis, produced by Nigel Godrich and released in June 2001. Fran Healy, the band’s songwriter, explained that the title reflected their situation of having popular songs but not enjoying significant fame themselves. Despite this, the album soared to the top of the UK Albums Chart, spending four weeks there and outselling their previous hit, “The Man Who,” in just a fraction of the time.

The recording process for “The Invisible Band” was marked by creative breakthroughs and experimentation. Nigel Godrich, known for his work with Radiohead, brought a fresh perspective to the sessions, leading to innovative explorations with unconventional instruments such as the tanpura. Critics praised the album for its melodic sensibilities and fully crafted songs, with reviews from publications like Q and Launch highlighting its accuracy and standout tracks like “Side,” “Dear Diary,” and “Follow the Light.” Overall, “The Invisible Band” marked another successful chapter in Travis’ musical journey and cemented their place as a respected presence in the rock music scene of the early 2000s.

Dear Diary
Pipe Dreams
Flowers In The Window
The Cage
Follow The Light
Last Train
The Humpty Dumpty Love Song